Prevention for better knowledge sharing


Your needs

  • Sharing knowledge of risks and threats.
  • Develop a risk culture within your organization.
  • Communicating and informing.

Our approach

  • The identification of risks and their measurement must be shared within the organization to facilitate the application procedures. Sharing information in this way enables the company in a process of developing a risk culture. The aim of a risk culture is to share knowledge of past events, current or future risks, in order to anticipate and prevent risks and threats.
  • Informing the general public and employees alike contributes to the development of a risk culture. This takes the form of communication tools and initiatives, as well as by training of key players.

Crisis management

  • Production of risk information documents (Communal Information Document on Major Risks, Specific Intervention Plan leaflet, etc.).
  • Raising awareness of risks and reflexes in the event of a hazard.

Fighting crime

  • Raising awareness of threats.
  • Set up information-sharing mechanisms between stakeholders (vigilant neighbors, citizen participation, etc.).