Progress and control


Your needs

  • Ensure the follow-up and operational maintenance of policies and action plans.
  • Organize simulation exercises.
  • Participate in the adoption of safety and security approaches.

Our approach

  • Organizations' safety and security policies are living strategies. Not only do they require processes to be updated to ensure that they remain operational, they also need to be adapted to the changing needs of the organization. These modifications are made on the basis of RETEX and changes occurring within the organization, with the aim of continuously improving measures to reduce threats, risks and vulnerability.
  • Implementing a risk and threat management strategy requires all players to take ownership of the processes involved. The organization of simulation exercises helps to improve response preparedness and reduce the vulnerability of organizations to the occurrence of risks and threats.

Crisis management

  • Organization of crisis management simulations and exercises.
  • Updating crisis management plans.

Fight against crime

  • Monitoring safety policies and leading project monitoring groups.
  • Organization of tests and safety level assessments.