Deploy the action plan - Manage the crisis


Your needs

  • Managing crisis and reducing vulnerability
  • Define coordination and decision-making bodies
  • Developing decision-making tools

Our approach

  • The implementation of vulnerability reduction action strategies contributes to the reduction of of an organization's exposure to risks and threats. These strategies are based not only on the protection of infrastructures, but also on the continuity of decision-making processes.
  • In the event of a risk or threat, the response is based on a specific management approach. The latter must enable actions to be deployed within the framework of a specific and adapted mode of governance. In the context of crisis management, the action plan includes not only the definition of command procedures, but also the conditions for activating the crisis management plan.
  • To enable the action plan to be deployed, monitoring tools are defined. They enable the action strategy to be deployed and evaluated on an ongoing basis. These tools are essential for feedback from experience and for ensuring that safety and security policies are part of a continuous improvement system.

Crisis management

  • Definition of measures to reduce the organization's vulnerability to hazards (vulnerability study, Business Continuity Plan).
  • Crisis management plan activation procedures.
  • Definition of modes of governance and crisis units (Decision, Operations, Communication units, etc.).
  • Development of decision-making tools (Crisis Management Plan, Communal Safeguard Plan, Special Intervention Plan, Prevention and Safety Plan, etc.).

Fight against crime

  • Definition of measures to reduce the organization's vulnerability to threats (vulnerability study, public safety and security study, etc.).
  • Establish a strategy for action between the various partners (corporate security and safety strategy, local or inter-communal delinquency prevention council).
  • Implementation of decision-making tools (Crisis Management Plan, Facility Security Plan, Safety Plan, etc.).